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Most of the time I play games in single player mode and DualSense controllers are quite expensive. So currently I only have one.

But sometimes we want to play some games in co-op. No problem for PS4 games on PS5, I just have to activate my DualShock 4 connected with the PS4.

Yesterday we wanted to play Sackboy's Big Adventure together. Although I have the PS5 version I hoped that it would work anyways because it is almost identical to the PS4 version (besides the graphics). But no...  "Can't use the DualShock 4 for this game".

Then I started Remote Play on PC, connected a DualShock 4 to the PC and joined the game... no problem. We turnded off the PC-monitor and played with the PS5-video-output on TV.

So we were able to play together with a DualSense and a DualShock 4 with this workaround. There wasn't any noticable controller lag using the PC-connected.

It also works via Remote Play with a DualShock 4 connected to an iOS device or Android device (tested it with my Android phone and with my iPad).

So you can bypass Sony's stupid controller-restriction with a phone, tablet, laptop or desktop PC in the same room (or technically anywhere in the world).

Last edited by Conina - on 10 October 2021