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I really don't see OLED bumping desire for Switch anymore than we are seeing. I think it will still sell 300-350k units and it will increase as we get closer to the holidays. The increase will have next to nothing to do with OLED. Not trying to dump on the hype train as I love Nintendo, but we are talking about a revision that will appeal to a very small niche of hardcore gamers arriving 4.5+ years after the console came out. If the past few decades are any indication, the market will start treating the Switch like it's in its sunset years regardless of how illogical some fans' assumptions are that it will be an abnormally long generation. The 6-year cycle is staying, people. Not only should you not be annoyed by that, but you should be glad. We will all be happier playing on a FULLY upgraded Switch 2 in 2023 than any of us would be playing Switch OG/Switch Lite/Switch OLED until 2025. I could be wrong, and I'd be quite down about that, as I'm tired of the Switch handling 3rd party games so poorly and tired of it feeling aged. I want something new and powerful that can handle at least PS4 level games with ease on the go.