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RolStoppable said:
Barozi said:

Which is why I'd prefer a red-green-yellow coalition over red-green-red.

Not that I'm a fan of the FDP but at least there would be one somewhat conservative party to oppose the more radical left ideas. Also red-green-red would ignore all conservative voters (about 50%) and thus divide society even further.

Society gets divided because society is stupid. Too many people are fine with consuming only news that reinforce their views, including views about others. It's much like racism which thrives on people make a conscious choice to never make any effort to actually learn something about others. But engaging more with others would make them realize that they aren't that different, certainly not as much to be scared about them and their ideas.

Which more radical left ideas are you concerned about, by the way?

Well there are a lot of half-baked ideas like:

unconditional basic income (which would cost quite a bit more than the whole state generates in taxes).

abolishing commuting allowance (even though it's not exclusive to cars and would cause people to settle even more in already crowded areas which in turn will cause an increase in housing prices)

Expropriation of housing corporations for billions instead of using that money to create public housing projects.

Withdrawal from NATO.

Immediate coal phase-out (even though the power generated from renewable energy sources are insufficient at the moment and that won't change in the upcoming years. Furthermore, it was the Greens "fault" (SPD as well) to phase-out of nuclear power in the early 2000s. Doing a 360 would cost dozens of billions and take several years until the reactors could substitute coal power plants. And a few years later they will be phased-out again because renewable energy has finally taken over.)

Well that were a few of the more radical ideas. Obviously some points aren't shared by the majority of a party but at least a good portion of it. Others are all too real and are either about to happen (expropriation) or part of a party's manifesto (NATO withdrawal).