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Lots of heat getting thrown at the Alberta Con Premier now, for covid reasons, apparently. Though this has been a focus of the media just prior to the election coincidentally, yet was disregarded for the most part by everyone else. Odds are pretty good it's just the Cons playing the blame game due to the loss and the Libs and media taking advantage of it. Alberta damn near went solid blue (Con) in the election so it's pretty unlikely the people there are too worried about the Premiers actions. An easy target that will likely have it bounce off him like DJT so no harm done overall.

Also got the Ontario Con Premier now changing his tone again about vax pass. Just a minor temporary thing and not a full out rollout everywhere like some were suggesting. Which isn't surprising because Con voters are mostly against vax pass here and they are who got him elected, so since next to nothing changed in Ontario as well, he might as well stay his past course for the June 22 election. Unless of course he wants to run for PM in 23 or later, because he would have a much better chance than the last two Cons did. His best bet would be to pass on the next Ontario Provincial election, become CPC Federal party leader, then run for PM in 23.

Last edited by EricHiggin - on 22 September 2021