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It looks like the game is really good, 88 is a wonderful score, unfortunately i think it's going to be a huge commercial flop.
Why, you ask? Apparently there are a considerable number of people saying they will only play on Xbox (within 1 year) and use Gamepass... Amazes me that there are people from Xbox community advertising and advising others to wait 1 year!
Maybe I'm wrong and everything will end well for this game ( yeah, i hope i'm wrong on this one), but the effect of all this "wait 1 year..."/ " wait and play on gamepass..." is bad!? i fear this game will end up as a game that sold poorly and arrived "1 year too late" on the Gamepass...

Prediction: In 5 years Nintendo will Lauch a "Core Mario game"  very similar to Astro Bot. That said, many will Ignore Astro Bot existence and say Nintendo created this concept.