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Plenty excited for this. Looks like a full GT experience which we've not had in a while with full modding and more.

The cars have always been the highlight of the game. I've never seen the tracks look amazing compared to the other racers and it seems like PD is doing the same again - focus on the cars.

Content is king and GT Congress with its free updates and support unlike any other racer. This is what sets it far and above any racer for me. You buy the game and it just keeps giving and giving and giving. It's like GaaS but without the need to buy season passes and DLC.

Secondly, what we saw is probably from a build that's months old, for a game that won't go gold until probably around Feb 2022.

GT had probably done more innovation fort reaching sims than any other sim with us FIA licensing, tournaments and creating actual racers.

But this looks like a swan song which is what fans have been asking for. A GT game if the past, with all the content and features, made today.