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SvennoJ said:

Bad time for an election imo.

The 'debate' on TV was a mess. I'm planning to abstain, not worth the risk to go vote. None really speak to me, none really stand out as bad to me. Just Erin O' Toole keeps sending me letters how bad Trudeau is lol. That's basically all I got from the election campaigns, Trudeau is bad. No clue what they want to do what's so different? (Not that I'm a fan of Trudeau).

Anyway I agree with Blanchet, but I live in Ontario.

I figured this was the likely way the Cons would market themselves. By not marketing themselves. They're taking a page from what the Dems did in the last U.S. election. Which is don't vote for who's in power now because they're horrible, and since the next choice is almost certainly us, well...

Canada overall, especially due to the big city pop, is quite liberal, so the Cons can't present what you'd expect from a Con platform because they'd never stand a chance of winning today. Unless they win and do a 180, which is possible though seems unlikely, I don't see things changing all that much.

Polls show O'Toole ahead by enough for a probable minority right now, but my gut ain't so sure about that. Liberal people have become a little more quiet as right wing and populist politics have gained in popularity over the last while. Could end up a silent majority 2016 U.S. type election maybe.

All I know is, if O'Toole wins, there needs to be enough change or it'll go straight back to the Libs next time around with whoever they run. I'm far from confident that change will happen. Many people around here aren't and it wouldn't surprise me if turnout is low.

As mentioned in another thread not long ago, it only makes sense to me that the Libs wanted the election now because they think things are headed terribly south in the next year or two and don't want to have to deal with it. If the Cons get stuck with whatever that might be, it'll be an easy wins for the Libs next time assuming the Cons can't execute and adapt.