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Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic - Not sure what to think about this. Is it exclusive? when is it coming out? Not enough info to really be excited about it but it's nice for people into it. 5/10

Project EVE - This looks like a lot of fun, but just like most generic anime-inspired action games I'm very neutral on it. Not sure if it's exclusive or not, Not sure when it's coming out, but it does look like a good and fun game. Cautiously optimistic. 8/10

Borderlands: Tiny Tina's Wonderlands - This looks fun and Borderlands 3, though not as good as 2, was still really good. Eagerly look forward to this. 8/10

Forspoken - Genuinely looks amazing but given Square Enix's recent output I am NOT sure what to think of this. I am worried it's all style and no substance, like all of Square Enix's stuff lately. Still, looks pretty good. 8/10

Rainbow Six Extraction - Snore. SnoooooooorezzzzzZZZZzzzz....1/10

Alan Wake Remastered - Already knew about this, but it's still nice to be coming to Ps systems. I will probably pick it up. 7/10

Grand Theft Auto V - Snoooooooore. No new info aside from a date, it's just more GTAV, and I got bored of GTA V Well before its PS5 announcement. Still a good game, but just not for me. 3/10

Ghostwire Tokyo - I'm still not sure what to think about this one. Like DeathLoop I just need for it to come out so I can know what to make of it. for now, it looks good and unique, but not to my personal tastes. plus not a lot of new info. 6/10

Guardians of the Galaxy - I'm torn, because the trailers make this look really fun, but I just can't trust Square-Enix after that Avengers Debacle. I'll split the difference and go with 5/10

Vampire The Masquerade Blood Hunt - Eeeh. I have little to no opinions on this aside from it looking kinda bland. 4/10

Death Loop - Just release the damn game. I lost interest in this game (And to a lesser extent GhostWire tokyo) The moment Bethesda got bought out by Microsoft. Knowing there's 0% chance of post-release updates or DLC or sequels makes me realize that it's gonna be one of those 'we put it out, now lets wipe our hands free of this and move on' situations. So unless the games are masterpieces, I just don't care and can't care. 3/10

Some Radiohead thing - 0/10

Tchia - This looks gorgeous and cute. Simple, fun, not a system seller for me but I do wish to know more. Seems nice and chill. 7/10

Uncharted 4 - Sure, cool. I need more information, but I am interested in this. I've not played Uncharted 4 yet, so doing so on PS5 will be nice. Not sure if I have to pay an upgrade fee or not, or how it works with The Lost Legacy. Will be fun. 7/10

Wolverine - After how well Insomniac did with Spider-Man, I've got super high hopes for this. I am certain that, at the very least, this will be a tonne of fun. However, no gameplay lowers its ranking/rating to a 8/10. Would be 9/10 otherwise. Seriously, this can be good.

Gran Turismo 7 - N/A (My stream kinda glitched out while this was happening so I didn't see any gameplay. Not gonna rate a presentation I didn't see and don't care enough about the genre to check out) Nice it's coming March 2022 though. We'll see how that pans out, won't we?

Spider-Man 2 - again, Insomniac is on a goddamn roll here. The trailer didn't show much as there was no gameplay, and there's a hell of a wait for the game itself (2023), but again, given how amazing spider-Man, Miles Morales, and Ratchet & Clank have been in the last few years, I am quite certain this will be great. Same rating as Wolverine since it's no gameplay trailer. 8/10

God of War Ragnarok - Could this presentation have ended any other way? I'm once again torn, because the trailer was good and I'm certain this will be the game of whatever year it comes out, but I really don't feel we got any new information. we did get gameplay...which looks identical to 2018's version, and we did get some story beats...which are pretty much exactly what you'd expect. I mean, This is like a fifa announcement to a football fan. Nothing surprising, but you know it'll be good if you're into that sort of thing. I already knew I was going to love Ragnarok after how much I LOVED GOW 2018, I just want a date. No date, no perfect score. 9/10

Overall, nothing really SUCKED here. The few things that didn't resonate with me weren't bad or offputting, they just didn't click for me. The Good stuff was almost entirely stuff we already knew about or could have easily predicted. The only real surprises or elements to the presentation I feel really put me in a good or great mood were Project EVE (because it's a perfect way to show off a new IP, with extensive gameplay and story/tone elements, even if it's not a game I expect to love given its anime aesthetic) and Wolverine (Which I'm sure will be great given the studio's pedigree but lacked any gameplay.) I guess KOTOR was also a surprise, yet I swear I'd heard about it already from somewhere.

I give the overall presentation a 6/10. Again, nothing really BAD, but it was exactly what I expected and very little in terms of surprises.

Not gonna lie, I wanted something - ANYTHING - Fromsoft. Elden Ring gameplay, bloodborne Remaster/remake/sequel, or the rumoured new IP developed in partnership with Sony Japan. Or FFXVI. I REALLY need more info on that game and I'm actually pissed (At Square-Enix, not Sony) for not giving us updates on that game. As always, that's on me, but I can't be excited about a presentation full of 90% information we eithr already knew or was a given or just new updates on games we already knew about.

Sony keeps talking about how they have 25+ exclusives in development, with half of them new I wanted to see some of that.

And to think, I was the one going around prior to the showcase saying 'temper your expectations, I don't think this is gonna blow anyone away' and here I am, seemingly the only one being critical of them. ah well, I still have Ghost of Tsushima to enjoy. Just learned I apparently don't have to play on the hardest difficulty to get all the trophies, so I'm gonna play on Normal mode instead.

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