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PotentHerbs said:
Runa216 said:

Man, seeing all the articles and speculation about all the stuff people are expecting, anything less than perfection is gonna leave a LOT of people majorly upset.

I need to pick up some popcorn.

I mean, Sony is promoting this like a major showcase, rather than a smaller, indie focused SoP. They haven't ruled out first party updates & they are giving us a week notice rather than a few days.

Yeah, it might be a 'major' showcase for them, but to them that might just be showing more details of Death Loop, Kena, Horizon, Gran Turismo, and a handful of other titles we already know about with maybe one or two reveals. what Sony considers a major showcase is not the same as the rapid-fire megatons people are expecting. 

I'm sure we're gonna get a handful of lovely announcements, maybe one major reveal, but most of it is going to be rote, general stuff that isn't all that special. 

If you go through this forum, Reddit, Youtube, and even the articles popping up, people expect like 20 different megaton announcements, dozens of new game reveals, in-depth gameplay showcases, major announcements, and eternal wealth. Sony just doesn't do that level of megaton anymore. Last time they had a major reveal or presentation was the showcase with the FFVII Remake reveal. since then they've always been pretty low-key. 

I'd love to be wrong, I am a sony fangirl no doubt. I just think it's super important to keep expectations in check. Nothing in SOny's history has indicated to me that it's gonna be some uber-megaton rapid-fire. I predict like 25 minutes of it will be updates on games we already know about and don't really NEED updates on, 5 minutes announcing random indies, 5 minutes announcing a handful of PS5 versions of existing Ps4 games, and 5 minutes of gameplay reveal for God of War Ragnarok. I would be completely okay with that, and I'd think that'd still be a hell of a showcase in the end, but nowhere near the '6 first part exclusive reveals, 8 third party exclusive reveals, and release dates for every major game coming out next year". Again, I'd like that and it's not impossible, but if it's anything less than that there will be riots. 

Sony has said it's 40 minutes. Sony has not done something this size since last year. I have seen them announce the showcase, but I've not gotten any impression they're claiming it to be anything more than updates on the immediate future. 99% of the hype comes from users and Youtubers. 

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