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I worry that y'all are getting WAY too worked up over this. It seems everyone's estimating a different version of a megaton and, outside of E3, Sony doesn't really do that. We might get one or two nice reveals or drops, but I just don't see this living up to the expectations that you've all set for yourselves. I look forward to the meltdown about how Sony has lost it and they've lost the generation and how they're going down the toilet when this proves to be simply alright.

I figure we'll see 2-3 big games (Horizon, God of War, gran Turismo) but no huge reveals. Mostly indie stuff, probably WAY too much time spent selling Death Loop, and nothing about this Fromsoft exclusive Souls game. (Which I absolutely hope is real because Bloodborne is one of the greatest games of all time and I'd like to see what the PS5's version of that could be)

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