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CaptainExplosion said:
Chrkeller said:

Sure, you think it will make it better, that isn't in question.  The question is do you represent the masses or are your feelings niche?  Based on Nintendo's direction it appears the answer is "niche."

Also, while paywalls are awful IMHO, keeping games tied to a subscription is going to generate a lot more revenue than selling them once.  Same reason Sony dropped free online with the ps4.  Subscriptions are the future.

Which is also awful because subscription services can be shut down at any time. How is Nintendo going to rectify the problem with Switch's successor? Are they just going to say "Sucks to be you, try this new thing."?

Yes, as would all companies.  Ps4 brought pay for online, ps5 still has it.  Companies aren't here to make you happy, they exist to make money.