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padib said:
aikohualda said:

I will retire my XPS 15 pretty soon, and luckily the company I am working with right now "Love" me and gave me a budget of around 2k for a new laptop.  I do love my XPS 15 and thinking getting another one (and pay difference).  I do use steam from time to time and thinking of just getting a gaming laptop (would be funny to see their faces when I attend the meetings with a shiny new gaming laptop paid by the company.)

But yeah.... Should I just buy a "professional" laptop and get a steam deck or get a decent gaming laptop? What would you do if you are in my position? Thank you so much in advance and bless your lungs :) 

Of course they love you ;)

By the way, if you're lugging it around to work go with a laptop, if you're lugging it around to play go with a Steamdeck imho.

As for your company, it might look more professional to go with a laptop but if they're cool they might think you're cool for getting something new! It also depends on if you use it for office meetings, then you should go with a laptop.

so professional laptop and buy the steam deck for my back pack?

ughhh why is thisss so hard :(

I do stay in hotels a lot lately.... I know steam deck is suppose to be for convenience but in my case a gaming laptop I can use for work seems to be the most convenient options