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Pemalite said:
padib said:

And come to think of it, is Mario 64 an N64 exclusive? Because it was released on the Wii via the virtual console,  and on the Switch through the collection Super Mario 3D All-Stars. Or is Link's Awakening a Game Boy exclusive though it was later released as Link's Awakening DX on the game boy color? Was Yoshi's Island a SNES exclusive though it came out in the GBA as Super Mario Advance 3? And what of Ocarina of time that had a special edition release on the Gamecube, is that not a 64 exclusive?

That's why sticking to terms when it comes to a timed release in Nintendo consoles exclusively is really not important.

If it's had an official release on another platform, it's not exclusive, that is all there is to it, there isn't an exception to this.

It's the literal definition.

How are you still not understanding this even after having it explained to you multiple times in multiple ways?

No one is denying that it’s technically not an exclusive, that’s not the argument being made. What we’re saying is that for all intents and purposes it’s an exclusive.

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