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The Wii and Xbox 360 are my #2 and #3 top consoles of all time, and both their successors were a severe disappointment to me, so I view both in a negative light truth be told.

Around the beginning of the 8th gen I assumed I would eventually get an Xbox One once the next gen Halo and Gears games released, but when they did neither impressed me, and it was the first Xbox console I skipped.

Wii U also felt much less fresh and interesting than its predecessor, and the droughts were absolutely brutal. In hindsight I would've been better off sitting out the entire generation and catching up on Switch, but of course at the time there was no way of knowing.

Both fall into a similar category as the Gamecube and Saturn for me; systems with a few genuine gems but a lot of problems. Thankfully Switch fixed just about everything wrong with Wii U and Xbox Series looks like it has the potential to be a much better system than the Xbone.

Last edited by curl-6 - on 27 July 2021

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