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Bofferbrauer2 said:
IcaroRibeiro said:

 If the argument is exclusivity defines whether a console is redundant or not, then yes, Xbone became redundant in the moment Series X launched 

It was redundant even before as it's games were also released on PC.

And that's still true with the XS, if you have a decent gaming PC, XS won't deliver you more games

People should ask less about what the device delivery and more about HOW they delivery. How many PCs have resources to play games at the same level as a Series X? I guess not many 

Like the Switch, they can deliver Wii U, PS4 games and Xbone games with portability.  However Switch deliver PS4 games with less quality assets and lesser frames, hence many people still wanting to play them on PS4/Xbone. It will always be a matter of choice. There are differences between consoles and PCs that make some people leaning towards consoles and other towards PCs

Pointless would be 2 consoles that play exactly the same game at the same way