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Mr Puggsly said:
sundin13 said:

First of all, when the DHS talks about the biggest threat to this country, they are talking about Domestic Terror threats. You can't really apply this to overall crime trends, because they aren't talking about the same thing. As you stated Pugs, domestic terror make up a fairly small part of the overall crime picture, so it doesn't really make sense to blame any group (eg. Neo Nazis or BLM or Antifa) for the recent increase in crime.

But it is also important to note that the recent increase in crime is just that: Recent. The overall trend of violent crime rates has shown that they have been decreasing since around 1991. If you want to blame all of the country's issues on increased liberalism, it seems kind of arbitrary to say "Okay, so the increase in the last year is because of Democratic policy, but the decline over the past three decades isn't". 

If you go into more depth on this recent increase, it becomes even harder to point to Democratic policies as the impetus. There was roughly a 26% increase in homicides between 2019 and 2020 in Republican cities, and no correlation between the number of BLM protests and the increase in the homicide rate, so your hypothesis doesn't seem to be supported by data.

As for your claims regarding immigration, you can't just point to Biden's platform, you have to explain why it is bad and provide evidence of the issues that you believe the specific policies cause. 

In regard to your first paragraph. I don't believe right wing groups are a serious threat, not sure if you agree. In fact, I don't believe they can be because our government would come down on them very harshly if they behaved like BLM or Antifa. I also believe the media would love if right wing groups were a bigger threat, they would love that narrative to really be true.

I'm gonna be frank, crime has risen around the country. RISING CRIME IS NOT JUST A BLUE CITY/STATE ISSUE... HOWEVER, there is a disparity around the country given how its being responded too. The cities that opted to demoralize police or reduce their efforts are seeing a bigger impact. Hence, its accurate to say crime rising is a recent problem. But its clearly affect blue cities more significantly, I mean we saw where major riots occurred for example. To the contrary, people attempting riot in my city didn't have much luck.

"you can't just point to Biden's platform." Actually, I can do that and we see the results.

I would agree that when speaking about the overall scope of crime in the United States, far right groups wouldn't make much of a dent, but that doesn't mean they aren't of concern. Several mass shooting events in the last few years have been motivated by far right views such as the El Paso Walmart shooting and the Pittsburgh Synagogue shooting, so it is certainly a threat worth addressing. I'm not going to address the nonsense in the rest of this first paragraph. 

As for the second paragraph, you haven't really backed this up with much evidence. As previously stated, analyses of BLM protests show that there is not a correlation between such protests and increases in violent crime, so this generally serves as a fairly poor hypothesis to explain the increase in crime. Further, I would just like to add that when the police murder people, causing people to lose faith in them, the blame for this should rest on the police and it is up to them to regain trust by listening to the communities they serve. 

And for the last paragraph, correlation doesn't equal causation. Do better.