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jason1637 said:
Dulfite said:

Not necessarily. Changes to society and spending patterns didn't stop 12/31/20. People are still vacationing less than they used to, still working from home in industries that can do it, and therefore still more likely to buy smaller entertainment purchases (rather than Disney World trips). The bigger question is if and when that bump will go away. I'm thinking, to a degree, there will be a permanent shift in smaller purchase entertainment (such as video games) going forward because of COVID.

This. Switch sales went through the roof due to COVID and we’re still seeing the effects of Covid (wfh, stimulus etc).

I think the word a lot of people are overlooking in  Jumpin's post is "only".

Covid was obviously a factor, but it was not the only one. Switch also got its biggest killer app in 2020, Animal Crossing, which became a pop culture phenomenon and opened up the console to a whole new audience who wouldn't have bought one for Mario or Zelda or Smash.