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Well, yesterday I recieved my second Covid shot and, as expected, today I'm sick at home with fever and aching limbs. Wasn't able to sleep all night, don't know why but somehow my brain just refused to send me to the Dream World. So I guess I'll be on the couch all day. What better time than now to play awesome video games! I'm going to make myself real comfortable with a lot of tea and snacks, but what to play? I have a hard time deciding how I want to spend my free time now. I want to play games that really make me feel good and cozy. First thing that comes to mind are the Zelda games, all of them. I think I'm gonna start with A Link to the Past. From the first time I played that as a kid to this very day I still love that game so much.

Or maybe a little bit of strategy game where I can truly invest a big chunk of time into, like Sim City on the SNES, that one is so relaxed and chill. I have Civilization 6, but unfortunately after trying to like it twice I'm sorry to say that it just doesn't click with me. Or maybe I'll start the Black Eagle campaign in Fire Emblem Three Houses. I finished the other two already, so that one is left and I think this is going to be the most interesting one.

I also enjoy many classic RPGs like Final Fantasy IV which I am currently playing peu à peu. Someone in the Final Fantasy thread suggested it because it's quite short and easy, so I am doing that every now and then. The last time I did that was more than ten years ago I guess, it feels quite nice again.

Now what do you play when you want to have it cozy? Maybe you have certain games that you can play over and over again, or that you have some sweet memories with. Please share, let's have a good time and enjoy our common hobby.

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