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IcaroRibeiro said:
Verter said:

I barely know anything about it, because I'm a ninja when it comes to avoiding spoilers, but my conclusion when I heard a very brief, spoiler-free opinion/comment from a friend was that The Rise of Skywalker could be compared to a dish of fan service covered in fan service sauce with a splash of fan service all around it and a garnish of fan service at the top, all of that accompanied by a cup of fan service and served on a fan service platter. Sort of.My intuition tells me that you two slightly dislike this movie. =P Maybe they should've called it The Fall of Skywalker instead.

Anyway, I'll watch it because the curiosity (that thing that killed the cat) is strong in me.

Exactly. The  game is nothing but mindless fanservice. I think even for the most unambicious popcorn blockbusters we still need some substance, this is a movie with no substance, there is no story to tell. The movie is a parody of itself, that are moments where the villain start a devious laugh and you just laugh with him because you can't take that seriously 

Yeah the more I hear about it the more it solidifies my decision to never watch it. 

I don't mind fanservice when done right; recently Godzilla vs Kong had quite a bit of it and I enjoyed that film a lot, but to echo Verter's analogy, it's okay if it's the sauce, but not the entire dish. When a film becomes a vapid, arrogant celebration of itself without the quality to back it up, it just comes off as obnoxious. 

To bring it back to LOTR, I feel like these films walk a nearly perfect line between respecting and staying true to the essence of the source material without catering too hard to the fans or being a slavish monument to its past.

The Hobbit films by contrast, did become something of a parody of themselves, and just ended up feeling tacky.

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