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snyps said:
curl-6 said:

The other thing with the Wii U was while it did have some really good games, they were for the most part not the kind of thing you'd buy a console for.
Take Tropical Freeze; as excellent as it was, consumers tend not to want to buy a $300 HD console to play a 2D sidescroller.
It's first party games were mostly the sort of thing you buy for hardware you already own, it had very, very few killer apps.

That’s an excellent point. If you discount side scrollers and rehashes, it’s only (Exclusive) system seller was Mario 3D world. Even that was an inferior clone of Mario 3D land on the 3DS. 

I really (really) enjoyed the touch screen features on the games that maximized the gamepad. But the only killer app on the console was Xenoblade Chronicles X. 

Yeah Mario Odyssey for example is a much better system seller as its a more ambitious game in line with what was expected/hoped for by many as the first HD 3D Mario. 3D World played things safe with a more limited and conservative design, and again didn't come off as the type of game you buy a $300 HD console for.

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