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yo33331 said:

And what you want is not gonna happen. I wanted for the PS4 to reach PS2 also. In fact there was a way, however Sony didn't move their finger about it.

Nintendo won't do it either. Price cuts are a past thing now.

Now in the age of smartphones and when the people learned to change their model/tech after 2 or 3 years this little to no drops of the sales year on year will not happen. 

You're way too pessimistic about it.

The "Age of smartphones" was already back in 2017. Actually, the Age of smartphones ware more a thing in 2017 than now, with market being oversaturated, and people getting tired of smartphones after more than 10 years. In 2020, smartphone sales plummed hard, instead people bought a lot of Nintendo Switches.

PS4's best year was in 2017 with 20 million sales at its fourth year, with the launch of the Slim and the Pro. And then sales started to decline.

The Switch sold 29 million in 2020, and is on its way to sell at least more than 25 million in 2021. It's already on a different path. It has the potential to at least sell another 35-40 million, after 2021, where it should end at 105 million. I don't know if it will reach DS level sales, but thinking it will follow PS4's path and that smartphones will harm Switch's sales is not a good analysis IMO.

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