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jason1637 said:
HigHurtenflurst said:

Well it depends on supply, but in 2014 at the end of June XBO was around 1.7m for the year, but for the full year it did over 4x that, a similar multiplier on the XBS would put it around 10.5-11m for the year.

It's easier to have a higher multiplier when sales are low so 11m is too high IMO, but 10m is doable.

XBO (and PS4) did have a big boost from GTAV in September though, dunno if there is anything that could have a similar impact for XBS.

GTA V is launching on next gen this November lol. Funny how things have come full circle in that regard 

Yes but in 2014 it was a big upgrade to a 1 year old game. Now we don't have a huge amount of detail on the "enhanced edition" but the game will be 8 years old, it will have to be a huge amount of new content to have the same system seller effect (looks like PS4 & XBO sales were 2-3 times higher) especially as the game is already playable on the PS5 & XBS.