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yo33331 said:
HigHurtenflurst said:

Are you both thinking "end of the year" means first 12 months from launch? end of the year to me means calendar year, or the end of December.

By VGC at the end of 2014 PS4 was at 18.2m & XBO was at 10.3m... I know they are struggling with demand at the moment but I highly doubt there won't be some level of stockpiling for the holidays, so with both tracking ahead of predecessors id say you are both predicting too low for both consoles. Ignoring any adjustments my current prediction would be 11m for X/S & 19m for PS5.

I am talking only about sales for this calendar year - 2021.

Xbox one did 7.5M, I think XBOX Series will do 10M or very close to it.

PS5 should reach 15M, as PS4 was at almost 14M in 2014.

I doubt the Xbox Series would sell 7.5 million within 6 months

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