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SKMBlake said:
Wman1996 said:

but I expect the PS5 to sell less globally than the PS4. The lead Sony had in the eighth generation will shrink. 

The PS5 actually sells better than the PS4 currently, and the lead is getting wider

We're still in stock-shortage launch hype though.  It won't be until later in the generation that we see how something like the Bethesda/Zenimax acquisition affects the sales gap between the Xbox and Playstation brands.  Microsoft and Sony largely cater to the same gaming audience.  For one of them to increase in sales, the other has had to diminish.  And, I haven't seen any indication that the XBox Series S/X is going to sell less than 50 million units.  If the XBox Series does indeed fare better than the XBox One over its lifetime, the trend would indicate that the PS5 shouldn't sell more lifetime than the PS4 did.

PS2 - 157.68m
XBox - 24.65m
Combined - 182.33m

PS3 - 87.41m
XBox 360 - 85.80m
Combined - 173.21m

PS4 - 115.76m
XBox One - 50.19m
Combined - 165.95m