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Chicho said:
JRPGfan said:

Maybe in 2022, things change? and MS can up production, and the sales differnces shrink? This year, I doubt you'll see things change. PS5 will just sell 2-3 times as much, because they manufactured that much more than XSX/XSS combo.

If things don't change then PS5 wont sell 2-3 times as much because is not doing that right now. The Ps5 has sold about 1.6X the amount X|S has, if it had sold  twice as much it would be above 11M right now and 3x as much  it would be above 17M.

The thing is, all we have is estimates (We could be off on both PS5 and XSX numbers).
Last time we had numbers, was from the first quarter, were the PS5 was outselling the XSX/XSS 2 to 1.

(all it takes is say XSX/XSS to be overtracked by 500k (here on VGC), and PS5 to be undertracked by the same, and you go over 2x ratio)

Last edited by JRPGfan - on 09 July 2021