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Bristow9091 said:

The Series X|S is actually holding up surprisingly well compared to the PS5, looks like they'll be closer than the PS4/XBO at least anyway... if sales pick up we could also see PS5 break 10m and Series X|S break 6m within the next two weeks too, even if I DO think they'll both miss that mark ever so slightly, lol

Also I'm not commenting on the Switch because, well... it's just doing Switch things, y'know? :P 

I actually read otherwise, on resetera/neogaf.

That dispite how badly the XB1 ended up doing compaired to the PS4, it at launch, was pretty close for the first 5-6 months or so.
The differnce between the XSX/PS5 is bigger than the XB1/PS4 was, this apparently still holds true, about 8 months into it.

This could be because of supply... I dont think MS planned to make nearly as many as sony did, and when theres high demand worldwide for components/fabs, scaleing up production, isnt as easy or cheap, so PS5 could be winning by default, simply because it planned to make more, years ago.

Maybe in 2022, things change? and MS can up production, and the sales differnces shrink? This year, I doubt you'll see things change. PS5 will just sell 2-3 times as much, because they manufactured that much more than XSX/XSS combo.

Last edited by JRPGfan - on 09 July 2021