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burninmylight said:

So you're saying that Nintendo could have given the Switch an OLED screen for the same price all along, but moving the brightness sensor from the face of the unit to the top was such a costly process (hundreds of millions into research and development) is what drives up the price?

I'm no hardware expert, so it checks out with me.

I'm a Hardware expert so you have to listen to me, Sony accidently ordered millions of Vita OLED screens after they had already changed the Vita screens to LCD  but because the desert where Governments and Corporations love to hide their shit was full of dumped ET carts, they had no alternative but to keep them hidden in the warehouse that warehouse unbeknownst to them also housed another secret, a batch of prototype Virtual boy 2's.

It was during a search and destroy mission to eliminate any remnants of that dark past that Nintendo found those Vita screens and made a deal where Sony got to  save years of R&D costs simply by readying those Virtual boy 2 Prototypes for mass production and branding them PSVR 2 and in return Nintendo received the OLED screens free of charge, but unfortunately Nintendo forgetting to account for the labour costs involved in glueing the Vita screens together and then cutting them to fit the Switch.

Breaking news.. My connections at Nintendo have assured me that using the very best accounting practices that can be procured from the interwebz the actual cost is $100 per unit so in their own words  "Nintendo is once again generously subsidising it customers and should be praised for doing so".

Last edited by mjk45 - on 08 July 2021