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SKMBlake said:
JuliusHackebeil said: But I just goodled it and it says that GP has 23 million subscribers and PSNow 3 million. This suggests that GP is way more attractive to many more people, even with the first party output of Microsoft currently being inferiour to PlayStations in my opinion.

Well actually, it's not correct. MS never actually said there was 23 million users, in fact their last update was 18 million at 31st december 2020, since then they didn't announce new figures.

Jez Corden said 23 million, and then backtracked stating he misunderstood some data, and is probably arround 22 million, but there is no official figures stating 22 or 23 million by MS. 

And maybe we'll get new figures by late July, we'll see.

Thanks for the clarification. Did not know that. But still, between 3 and 18, there is a massive difference. And I think it is fair to say, that GP is a bigger success with more consumer interest behind it than PSNow.