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mutantsushi said:
Signalstar said:

PS Now is cheaper and has a larger library of games than Gamepass...

Right. I feel the whole premise of this thread is off. Gamepass isn't some superior special sauce.
Gamepass' entire hype seems to hinge on "new" games. Which aren't better games, and in fact
a game that has had time to recieve patches is unambiguously a better game by my book.
So it comes down to appealing to people who have no patience, no impulse control crowd. OK.
Meanwhile people with patience, or just those who have been enjoying playing great older games
because their desire to play those doesn't suddenly disappear just because MS has a new shiny game,
they are enjoying more games, and quality games, for a lesser price via Sony's offering which is
also more generous in terms of allowing continued access compared to GP revoking games after their time.
Of course the ultrafans of Gamepass never will discuss Sony's offering, never mention it's subscriber numbers.
Some people then go along with that, forget about Sony's value, and feel they must "defend" against GP.
No need. Just look at the numbers. GP is not more attractive to more people, Sony's numbers are great.
EDIT: And irony is, we can take the GP ultrafan's mantra "console sales don't matter" and apply it to PSN/+.
That makes Sony's subscribers look even more impressive because they aren't rationalized by console install base.
Not that MS' GP numbers relative to console base are particularly any better than Sony's. Although since MS
is selling GP to PC while Sony isn't currently (note the massive PC port push though), that suggests Sony
currently is leaving major sales market untouched, which can quickly be leveraged if/when PC offering is made.
What do people think of prospects for PS+/Now on PC, possibly in collaboration with Epic given Sony's stake there?

In my op I did not want to say that GamePass is better than PSNow, that is very much subjective anyways. But it is certainly more sucessfull. And this is precisely because of the crowd of people you describe. People who want games day 1. The hype crowd. I'm honestly definitely part of that crowd when it comes to certain games. God of War, Shadow of the Colossus Remake, Devil May Cry V, SnakePass, What Remains of Edith Finch,... could not wait any longer than release day to play those games. And I think that is alright. Actully, i feel as though a lot of this industry is built around hype and the vast majority of people is not willing to play the latest, hottest game a year or two later.

But the pitch was not about "How can PSNow be as sucessfull as GamePass?" and more about "How can PSNow find it's own strong identity?"

And I certainly did not try to make it sound as if there are no current upsides to PSNow (with or without the comparison to GamePass).

But could I ask about your statement about GP not being more attractive to more people? I don't get it. I mean, if that statement was true, there would not even be a need for some (drastic) change and a pitch for what sort of change and subsequently this thread :) But I just goodled it and it says that GP has 23 million subscribers and PSNow 3 million. This suggests that GP is way more attractive to many more people, even with the first party output of Microsoft currently being inferiour to PlayStations in my opinion.