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As the title says, Can the top 20 in japan reach 100mil, which essentially means an avg of 5mil per game! O.o

For context, we have the 3DS top 20 that totaled just under 60mil and NDS that did  69.50mil. That roughly in the top 20 an avg of 3mil and 3.5mil respectively. NSW right now would need a miracle for such a feat

Some info

FMC - 225.860.000 (1.047 titles)
NDS - 213.820.000 (1.845 titles)
SFC - 194.850.000 (1.398 titles)
GMB - 157.060.000 (1.246 titles)
3DS - 138.080.000 (669 titles)
NSW - 112.220.000 (849 titles

and an example from the 3DS top 20....

Top 20 3DS Software

-5.85mil: ACNL
-4.56mil: PokémonXY
-4.10mil: MH4
-3.94mil: PokemonSM
-3.46mil: PokemonORAS
-3.30mil: YW2
-3.30mil: MHG
-3.07mil: MK7
-2.91mil: SSB3DS
-2.90mil: MH4U
-2.76mil: NSMB2
-2.75mil: YW2:S
-2.70mil: PokemonUSUM
-2.30mil: SM3DL
-2.29mil: YWB
-2.22mil: Tomodachi
-2.00mil: MH3U
-1.88mil: DQXI
-1.80mil: MHGU
-1.60mil: ACHD

-59.69mil Total

And the final part.... the BOLD part!

How can NSW have an avg of 5mil each game in the top 20 in japan? Let’s find out:...

Some games aren’t announced or will maybe even come true, but it’s a gamble in willing to take!

Top 20 NSW (estimate that is conservative)

-12.50mil: ACNH

-7.75mil: SSBU

-6.75mil: MK8D

*6.00mil: PokemonGen9

-5.90mil: PokemonSwSh

*5.55mil: MK10

-5.20mil: Splatoon 2

-5.20mil: Splatoon 3

-4.90mil: Minecraft

-4.50mil: Momotaro

-4.40mil: MHR

-4.30mil: RFA

-3.85mil: PokemonBDSP

*3.80mil: DQXII

*3.75mil: Tomodachi Life

-3.65mil: PokémonLA

-3.15mil: BotW

-3.00mil: MPS

*2.95mil: MHRG

-2.90mil: SMO

total: 100mil