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Playstaion Now could be improved, sure, but the question is how. Faster, more games, more countries, cheaper, that'd be cool. But I want this to be more specific. Not necessarily realistic, but a pitch of how this service could be improved. This is also an invitation for everybody interested to give their best, most passionate pitch on how Playstation Now could become the best version, or your ideal version of it. This is my pitch:

GamePass is the best value in gaming. You are not willing to compete on thier terms. So what do you do? -Give your service a clear identity. And you can (rather) easily achieve that by concentrating on your history.

Game conservation is en vouge. And Microsoft is getting much credit and goodwill for their efforts on backwards compatability. And rightfully so. This is not a sprint, but a marathon. And they are clearly playing the long game. 7 and a half billion dollars long, just to give one significant example. But you have lasted longer. This is one of your key advanteges and one you should play out like an ace up your sleeve in regards to Playstation Now.

Start with the Playstation 1 library. Make a dedicated section in PSNow, that is just for PS1 games and make it very prominent. To an extent, this is going to be a licensing nightmare. Or at least I could imagine it being one. But I strongly believe that it would work to great effect. Release at least on PS1 game every week. Make trailers for them and release them on your official youtube channel, alsways with an added promotion of PSNow. Make it so you can stream, or download them. This is especially important when your service cannot compete to similar offerings in streaming quality. The download option is very important.

If you can, use any remasters available so you can have the very best option of playing the original. But stay away from remakes - otherwise it would not be a PS1 thing anymore. Also, have the option to no just play the remaster, but the very original version - maximum nostalgia. And as soon as you add a game to PSNow, just for good measure, also add it to the PS-Store. This way, people will more easily notice what they are missing out on.

Afte two years or three perhaps, when you have a very beefy PS1 library on PSNow and this service becomes the definitive place to play PS1 games, start with PS2. Crucially, don't just stop with the PS1 library. Get as many and as highly regarded PS1 classics as you possibly can, while also focusing on PS2 games at the same time. Every week, at least on game form the two Playstaiton systems. They will all land in PSNow in the dedicated PS-history section. This section is now comprised of PS1 and PS2. But, as you suspected, not for far too long. After another three years or so, you will make the (quite difficult I imagine) commitment to have the very best (and in time as many as possible) PS3 games on the service. And like with the others, as download and streaming option. And after another two, or three years the ever in popularity growing PSNow-history section, which at this point might as well just be what PSNow is, will start adding PS4 games. And after another three years the PS5 library will be waiting.

I would suggest that starting with the Playstation 6, or 7, depending on how much time you need to build up the library, every generations library that came before should be available in PSNow. This is what PSNow should become - one subscription price for all of Playstations history - THE place to play - THE PLAYSTATION.

... And perhaps change the name when you start with the legacy library thing. Brings fresh wind to this new direction. Just cannot think of a good one. PlayGrounds? PlayRoom? PlayBack (because it concerns itself with games from the past)? Any suggestions?

Now please let me hear your thoughts on this pitch as well as your pitch for your best version of PSNow.