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Pemalite said:
sundin13 said:

As for the wall, the claim that it would "absolutely help" is dubious. The reason most of these areas are lacking walls is because they have natural borders are are generally considered low traffic areas (in some areas, we would literally have to build a wall over a mountain). We already have walls in the areas that need walls.

Look, I haven't claimed the wall is going to solve every single migratory issue in the United States, it simply cannot and will not.
But it is "part of the puzzle".

These kinds of issues need multiple vectors of attack to solve.

Again, cost shouldn't be an issue, the USA is supposed to be the greatest economy on Earth... And infrastructure projects tend to be stimulating for an economy anyway.

If you already have enough walls, then great, start doing an assessment on weak points and bolster those.

sundin13 said:

Overall, the Repubicans never presented anything demonstrating that the wall would do literally anything to help, and neither have you.

The thing with your "do nothing" approach, is it's not proactive, it's not going to change the status quo.
That is ultimately the difference here.

Neither have I asserted that the wall is going to cure all migratory issues in the USA, it's just one tool that is needed to compliment other approaches to have a systemic and effective, long-term solution.

Your arguments in favor of the wall continue to be incredibly vague and without any argumentative force. I don't know what you want me to do with them at this point, as you continue to refuse to make an argument beyond asserting that you are right.

As for your point regarding cost, it is nonsense. Of course cost matters. If we were to spend money on everything that would provide any degree of measurable benefit, the country would likely collapse under the weight of the spending. As such, we need to weigh the benefit of certain types of spending. Building a fence over a mountain is generally pretty shit value for the cost. When you look at the fact that we could end homelessness for less than the price of the wall, it really begs the question of "Where should this be in our priority list?". 

As for your comment about how I have a "do nothing" approach, you're making me want to act up, sir (and not in a good way). I have proposed numerous solutions to the problems you have mentioned, so kindly fuck off with this bullshit? Yes, improving technology at ports of entry to better detect contraband at the places where we know the majority of contraband enters the country is fucking proactive, and it would help. Yes, providing health care to everyone would improve public health and safety in a proactive way which would very much change the status quo. If this is the shit you have to say to me, I'm done.