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Hard to say, a strange event happened the day of the funeral for my cousins dad. After the cemetery, we were back at his house, maybe 6 of us guys standing outside having small talk, and small casual conversation to get his mind off it.

A clear blue sky around midday, the loudest bang from nowhere that felt so close to us, we all jumped. We continue talking, few seconds later, 2 or three flashes of light right infront of us, and I can't see for a few seconds. We all look at each other, and my cousin says " that's my dad letting his frustration out". His dad was know to have a mean streak, was abusive at times, sadly. Right after he said that the flashes of light again right at us, and we all ran inside the house. We go inside, a room of maybe 25 people, and no one else there heard it.

I don't know what to make of it. Was it a coincidence, some strange cycle of thunder /lighting on a sunny blue sky day at our feet, or the mean spirit releasing after his death.

Last edited by KratosLives - on 30 June 2021