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JRPGfan said:

As bad as this is, in say 50-100 years time, it might be a really horrible issue for mid-western USA....
Things are worse other places.

Australia as a exsample.
Time frame there is even shorter.

The outcome? they will have to stop certain farming sectors that rely on underground water sources, as there's soon to be none.
Also I suspect water prices will rise to the point, that you dont want to "water the grass" outsides.

Food & Water prices going up, as a result of global warming is also a issue.

Considering the water reserve dropped from 94% to 50% within 20 years, I'm pretty sure it won't take nearly that long before things go really south for the region. Also, keep in mind that over 40 million people rely on that water supply for their tap. 40M without water sound way worse to me than some farming sectors do, though I admit I have no idea how many people and would be affected by that.

Depending on where in Australia, they could possibly get water from potential desalinization plants along the coast, while the same would be close to impossible for most of the mentioned region in the US to to the distance and topography.