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Mr Puggsly said:
Machiavellian said:

lol, cheap labor has been flooding into the US longer than you have been on this earth.  You act as if this was something that happen only during Trump or Biden term but this been happening for decades.  This notion that you can get welfare when you are undocumented is the dumbest thing the conservatives have fostered.  I know for a fact, you cannot get any government services if you are undocumented.  That's another dumb as lie used to keep you in fear.

What you are missing is that the US thrives on cheap labor because the US citizens thrive on cheap goods and services.  The same people who complain about China, Mexico and India taking jobs are the same people who purchase goods and services made from those countries because they are cheaper.

I stated the GOP because when it was put to Congress to give them a path to citizenship, to allow them to get workers permit to cross the boarder and work within the US, it was the do nothing party which is the GOP that shot it down.  So you tell me why, did they shoot down such a plan.  You would be surprise that many actually do not want to stay in the US, they would be happy to just work and use that money to help their family.

Crime skyrocking, show me what was the policy that cause crime to skyrocket and cost of living to go up.  Big business getting richer but this is the left doing, hmmm can you also show me the policy that helped that happen.  Why not open the boarder, give people who want to work, work permits, you would be surprised that most actually do not want to stay in the US, they just want to work, make some money and send it back to their family get them to actually contribute to paying city, state and federal taxes or we can continue to just let things stay as they do.  This game has been played for so long.  

I am pointing out there is much anger about the exploitation of workers these days. My advice, don't give employers more power with cheap labor. If you don't think illegals are getting government welfare in some form, you don't pay much attention to what's happening. Even dealing and caring for them is a burden.

I agree we take advantage of cheap labor overseas mostly. But do we benefit an abundance of cheap labor in this country? Depends on your perspective. But the poor are objectively great for votes and always looking for free stuff dems promise. Meanwhile dems are also playing a significant role in the cost of living going up which hurts the poor, its kinda hilarious to watch.

You can oppose how GOP has handled immigration and also feel what the dems are currently doing is destructive and lowers quality of life in the US. You aren't obligated to pick a side as good, but one is objectively worse for the country.

The crime issue is more of a local thing and a bigger problem in blue areas. So you would have to look at their awful policies. My concern isn't just the big companies getting richer, its also what they're doing with their power. But since they shill for dems, people are ignoring what they do. Open borders does not equal let people come in who want to work. You actually have a more libertarian perspective than what dems are doing.

What exactly are the Dems doing that you don't like? You repeatedly say "Oh, what the Dems are doing is soooo destructive" (to paraphrase), but you present no examples of what is being done that is supposedly lowering the quality of life in the US. So please, tell me what specifically you are criticizing and explain how it is lowering quality of life in the US.