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So, I was browsing through Twitter, looking at arguments regarding Metroid Dread's sales potential, I came across one post where it highlighted the sales of the Fire Emblem and Kirby franchises. Specifically how it had Three Houses listed at 3.02 million and Star Allies listed at 3.15 million. And I raised my eyebrow and went "Huh? That can't be right." Because the Switch page on this site still has Three Houses and Star Allies listed at 2.87 and 2.93 respectively.

Then, I went over to a post I have bookmarked on ResetEra that highlights all Nintendo hardware and software sales, and on the Nintendo Switch's list of software sales they have updated numbers for those games, and countless with the highlight "updated as June 2020."

The Top 16 titles and various others that are listed as "Updated as March 2021" are the figures that Nintendo has shared on their latest financial reports because those games were sold over 1 million copes in the fiscal year.. But there are some games, such as Three Houses, Star Allies, Mario Tennis Aces, DKC Tropical Freeze, and Yoshi's Crafted World to name a few, that aren't as lucky and we're left guessing as to where they are lately. Well, apparently, we have a closer idea, as I'll demonstrate below:

Below, I will provide the latest figure on the game before ResertEra's new number (As of June 2020), whether that's VGChartz figures (As of December 2019) or Nintendo's own figures (As of, the last quarter they gave us numbers on the game, which @RolStoppable was generous enough to keep track for us), how many units it sold since that update (ResertEra's figures - Whatever the one before it is), divide THAT by the number of quarters (3 month periods) between them, and what that would average each subsequent quarter.

First on the list is everyone's absolute FAVORITE launch title: I am of course talking about 1-2 SWITCH!!!! And I will follow with each game afterwards.

1-2 Switch: VGC (3.18 million) -> 'Era (3.31 million); 3.31 - 3.18 = 130k/2 (12/2019 -> 06/2020, 6 months/2 quarters) gives us 65k/quarter.

Mario Tennis Aces: VGC (3.06 million) -> 'Era (3.29 million); 3.29 - 3.06 = 230k/2 (12/2019 -> 06/2020, 6 months/2 quarters) gives us ~120k/quarter.

Kirby Star Allies: VGC (2.93 million) -> 'Era (3.15 million); 3.15 - 2.93 = 220k/2 (12/2019 -> 06/2020, 6 months/2 quarters) gives us 110k/quarter.

Fire Emblem Three Houses: Nintendo (2.87 million) -> 'Era (3.02 million); 3.02 - 2.87 = 150k/1 (03/2020 -> 06/2020, 3 months/1 quarter) gives us 150k/quarter.

DKC Tropical Freeze: VGC (2.65 million) -> 'Era (2.93 million); 2.93 - 2.65 = 280k/2 (you get the idea) gives us 140k/quarter.

ARMS: VGC (2.38 million) -> 'Era (2.47 million); 2.47 - 2.38 = 90k/2 gives us 45k/quarter.

Yoshi's Crafted World: VGC (1.84 million) -> 'Era (2.09 million); 2.09 - 1.84 = 250k/2 gives us 125k/quarter.

Captain Toad Treasure Tracker: VGC (1.44 million) -> 'Era (1.58 million); 1.58 - 1.44 = 140k/2 gives us 70k/quarter.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX: Nintendo (1.26 million) -> 'Era (1.43 million); 1.43 - 1.26 = 170k/1 gives us 170k/quarter.

Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 01 Variety Kit: VGC (1.31 million) -> 'Era (1.37 million); 1.37 - 1.31 = 60k/2 gives us 30k/quarter. (Boy, did they drop the ball on Labo.)

Astral Chain: Nintendo (1.08 million) -> 'Era (1.14 million); 1.14 - 1.08 = 60k/1 gives us 60k/quarter.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: Nintendo (1.08 million) -> 'Era (1.13 million); 1.13 - 1.08 = 50k/1 gives us 50k/quarter.