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Jumpin said:

I'm kind of pissed off that Nintendo refuses to continue this franchise.

It was a lot of fun, and the joy-cons seem like they push advancement enough to make something compelling in the way of a sequel.
I'm hoping something pops up soon. I'm still holding out.

I mean, seriously. Break out Wii Sports today, the game is still loads of fun - and it's 15 years old this autumn.

I totally agree, is a game that always is kind of fun to play after not playing it for a long time, thanks to the simplicity of its concept and to the easyness with which you can pick up an play, i think others and myself too always wanted that the controls were a bit more responsive and that happened in some form with the wii motion+ and wii sports resort, after seeing how well fittness boxing 1 and 2, and ring fit adventure are selling i think Nintendo could throw us a wii sports game that uses the joy-cons in an effective way.