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This time they managed not to announce (first/second-party) games early like they did some years ago. So there's a possibility that they'll make up the second half of the year with some games that are going to be announced on their next event. Sony renewed the PSX trademark last week so we may not wait that long for that. Currently, only Horizon is slated for the second half. Realistically, games they could announce AND release in 2021 is the next game from London Studio (last game released in 2019), but other than that I can't see any first-party dev releasing a game this year, assuming every studio makes only one game (most released their last game in 2020 and Bend is reportedly early in development of a new IP). We can guess about potential second-party titles from former second-party studios like Creative Vault (last game in 2018) and Arrowhead (last game in 2015) and we have to factor in new partnerships we don't know about (there are some rumours about Remedy and Bloober). As for third-party games, we have a lot to look for.

Last edited by Vendrom - on 19 June 2021