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FormerlyTeamSilent13 said:

I like the Star Wars prequels. Not going to disagree with the dialogue being goofy or pretend they are my favorite movies, but in anticipation for episode 7 I rewatched the prequels and original trilogy in that order and was surprised how much I still enjoyed eps 1-3. I enjoy the galactic politics and grander universe of the prequels and definitely prefer them to the sequel trilogy. Also, AJAB so I don't really care about critics opinions. If I like something I don't let a mob ruin my own enjoyment.

Story and screenplay-wise prequel trilogy is superior to original trilogy. The Vengeance of the Sith is a particularly strong movie 

My problems with OG trilogy are more about direction, passing and some weird decisions about character development. Anakin turning into dark side came out for me as extremely shallow and hard to digest, as well the reasons behind Amidala's death, Luke and Leia separation at birth, the way the Jedi purge happened and so on. They are movies I enjoy, but sometimes they don't "fit" when I'm analyzing the franchise as a whole 

Other problems regarding prequel trilogy is the universe is far too big for a movie, maybe it should be adapted as a series. There are characters, locations and actions that seems to be happening in the background and they are thrown right and left in your face, I remember Attack of Clones suffering a lot with this.

But prequel trilogy wasn't planned by critics. Phantom Mannace (indeed the weakest entry in the trilogy) got mixed reviews, but the others didn't. It's the fandom who hates prequel trilogy, but again, Star Wars fans are the most unbearable in existence and hate everything