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PAOerfulone said:
IcaroRibeiro said:

And what if the fandom is just not big enough? It's metroid, not an A-list franchise. I doubt Metroid fanbase is more than 1 million people. The other buyers as casuals who will need some push to get the game and then be converted into fans 

How many times Sony gives their games literally for free only for the sake of increasing their IPs popularity? 

It hasn't been issue on the Switch thus far. Nearly every Nintendo franchise across the board has had its best selling game on the system because not only has the studio had the proper marketing, support, and resources behind it to do it. It has had the foundation successfully put in place where that game is automatically starting from a position of strength, rather than weakness. Right out of the gate, it is in a position to where it can achieve those numbers and Metroid should be no different. Fire Emblem, Pikmin, and Xenoblade aren't exactly A-list franchises either. But all three of them are not only succeeding on the Switch, they're thriving. That's what happens when you have a system that is white hot like the Switch is, everything sells. Because the casuals who love the brand will automatically associate the game with the brand and THAT'S where those other buyers come from. So, if Metroid DOESN'T sell, while everything else is... That is not a good look. At all. 

Yes, all those franchises experienced some increase in sales, but to say they are "thriving" in my opinion is quite a stretch, they did better than in the previous entries and that's it.

Also, I don't think any software is guaranteed to sell well until people get to actually see the game.

Pokemon is arguably the second biggest Nintendo IP and even being released on Switch it won't be the best selling Pokemon, because the game is trash. Not even the massive amount of money Pokemon Co spend with marketing (probably much more than the game budget itself) was enough to change that

Edit:Also NSMB U, not even adding Wii U sales will be the best selling 2D Mario, so here you have it, the sales of any software will depends of the software itself and not only its platform 

Let's just calm down and wait. Even if Dread don't outsell the previous entries doesn't really mean the franchise is doomed as you imply

Last edited by IcaroRibeiro - on 16 June 2021