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Gameplay looks pretty good.

Even if is not Kaneko I think Doi with this protagonist at least tries to get close to mimicking that art direction and style, like I really like the design.

I hope Meguro works on some capacity on the soundtrack, the scores of the IV games are mostly forgettable.

I wish the UI was more unique or if at least it didn't resemble that trash game TMS.

I don't know how to feel about it resembling Nocturne so much, like I feel that one thing SMT as a whole does pretty well, is that outside of direct sequels, every setting has a unique twist to it, nothing is quite like Devil Summoner, Raidou, DDS, SJ and the numbered games between each other while retaining some thematic consistency, this just seems like Nocturne again, which I guess I could say is smart but safe for the series.

I remain skeptical since I didn't like Apocalypse at all, but I also hope it turns out good, and maybe I'll get it later on.