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1) Up Your Arsenal

2) A Crack in Time

3) Ratchet & Clank 2016

4) Tools of Destruction

5) Quest for Booty

Tools of Destruction is an awesome game and it ranks 4th for me, that should tell you how much I enjoy the series. Up Your Arsenal was the first one I played and the one I love the most. I'm not even sure how we came to own the game but I'm glad we did. The singleplayer was awesome but on top of that it had an awesome multiplayer with online support to boot. Something that has been severely lacking in the series as of late.

Bonus Question: Which game do you think has the best cheeky double entendre title?

1) Size Matters - This is great because it is a penis joke and the game was portable on PSP and involved shrinking and becoming giant.

2) Up Your Arsenal- A cheeky was of saying "Up Your Ass" or "Up Your Arse" if you are British. As in stick it up your ass.

3) Going Commando - This is a term that means to go out without underwear or sleep naked.

4) Full Frontal Assault - Full Frontal Nudity, kinda loses points for implying sexual assault though..

5) Quest for Booty - Sort of funny I guess

6) Rift Apart - Because Ratchet and Clank get ripped apart but there is nothing dirty here

7) A Crack in Time - There might be a butt crack joke here that I'm not quite getting.

8) Tools of Destruction - I don't even know what this title is supposed to mean

9) Into the Nexus - No comment

Bonus: All 4 One was supposed to be called Fourplay but that was a bridge to far haha

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