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src said:
Bofferbrauer2 said:

Playstation was unrivaled in Asia and RoW in general. But with the Switch, Nintendo has kicked Sony from the throne in an increasing amount of countries. Switch has sold over 5M in the RoW last year, which is way above anything any Playstation managed to sell in the RoW in a single year ever. And the Switch sales are up compared to last year, meaning this trend isn't about to stop.

If you look at the platform sales in the RoW, Sony has reigned supreme in the past. The bestselling ones are all Playstation consoles, with PS2, PS4, PSP, and PS3, in that order, on the top 4 spots. Number 5 is the DS, but the Switch is already just behind and will pass the DS this summer, and also the PS3, which is barely in front of the DS. The PSP could fall this holiday season, and in 2022 or 2023 it will surpass the PS4 even with slowing sales in that region. This just shows that Nintendo has finally understood and is conquering the RoW market, and most notable for this change here is the Asian market.

As for Japan's decline, it's not minuscule. Considering that the PS4 sold almost 50% more than the PS3, having any amount of decline is a disaster in itself. With how popular the PS4 was, it should have gone up a lot, yet it still was down. And no, another price cut wouldn't have added enough sales to break even with the PS3, let alone change the sales trend and trajectory in Japan.

The PS5 is outpacing the PS4, that's true, but that was also a very low bar to pass. I mean, the commercial failure that is the Wii U sold better launch-aligned in Japan than the PS4 - and would still lead the PS5 by that metric. It doesn't have the sales decline the PS4 had, so it can have a genuine increase. But for that, it will need more support from Japanese developers bringing unique Japanese titles, as these are still pretty rare on the radar of PS5 releases. But the chances are there for the PS5 to change the trend in Japan, Sony just needs to grab them.

Nope still is. Amusing how you conveniently left the rest of the sentence: in AAA games.

If SK, China and Taiwan want to play COD, GTA, FF, RE, MHW etc etc on console there is only Playstation. PS5 is outpacing PS4 in these places while still being supply constrained.

Sony predicts Y3 for PS5 to be 23 million+ more than PS4 ever could do, further showing notable growth.

Japan's decline is factually miniscule no matter how you spin it. A 5% decline despite being higher in price. WiiU sold 3.3 million LTD. PS4 sold more than 3 times that, what a disingenuous comparison.

Japanese dev support is by standard, like previous gens, industry best on Playstation. The only platform that comes close to amount of Japanese games PS gets is PC.

Agente42 said:

Nonsense. Why? South Korea, China, and Taiwan show this.

Only if you read the data wrong. PS4 is a 7 year old system on the way out. EVen then it showed massive growth from PS3.

PS5 is doing better than PS4, so no, the data shows Playstation continuing to grow in SK, China and Taiwan.

bolded: Why should I have mentioned AAA games in special? Those games rarely showed up in the charts in the last 3 years, and generally were beaten by some Switch games, AAA or otherwise. It's also normal: Those countries have a rather big PC gaming community - and those can have those games too, in more beautiful and more fluid no less. So there's very little incentive to buy a console specifically for those games unless they're PS exclusives.

Italic: More expensive than the PS3? Which of the two launched at $600 again?? Yes, PS dropped below $300 late in it's life, but by that point, the PS3 was already on the way out sales-wise and it didn't change the sales all too much anymore. Which is also most probably the reason why the PS4 didn't get a pricecut late in it's life anymore.

On Japanese sales: You're saying the decline is negligible because you're only looking at the absolute numbers. And from that very specific and narrow point of view, you're correct. But by doing so, you willingly miss the big picture. And relative to the total sales of the console, the decline is big, and Japan sales became an even smaller fraction of the total sales than they already were.

Underscored: Dude, the trend was already starting 3 years ago, when the PS4 was near it's peak. You're reading the data wrong because you're apparently only comparing to the PS3 (which makes the PS4 look good by comparison) and completely dismissing the Switch despite the latter having outsold the PS4 in those regions. And no, not just last year, that's been much longer in the making.

Last edited by Bofferbrauer2 - on 15 June 2021