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Alright, now that I've had some time to sit down and reflect on it, I have established a slightly more refined take on the game.

I loved it. Of all the Ratchet & Clank games I'd say it had the least amount of filler or mildly distracting side content, and the fewest points of frustration. No garbage mega-clank punchy punch nonsense, very few puzzle segments (And none of them are too time-consuming or hard. I did struggle a bit with the final set because it was 2 AM and I was tired and just wanted to sleep), and no areas were frustrating or tedious. A very well-refined, perfectly fun game that was exactly what it needed to be.

However, this pruning also applied to a few other elements I would have liked to see more of. there were only 10 worlds total, there were no ship or explorative elements like in A Crack in Time, and the Arena area only has 15 challenges, total. That said, the worlds are all massive and each last about an hour or so (Some more, some less), and like said it's all refined awesomeness. This is, to me, the Skyrim of the series. Pruned a lot, refined the rest to a mirror shine.

Other than some sleep-inspired frustration, I didn't dislike a single minute in the entire 18 or so hours it took me to get 100%/Platinum. Even my favourite games (Bloodborne, Skyrim, many FF games, Rock Band, Smash Bros, Dark souls, Red Dead Redemption, Zelda) have parts that frustrate me or are just a slog and there were no segments in this game that made me feel that way.

Some people ARE gonna bitch about 8-10 hours for a 70 dollar game, but I don't see it as an issue. this is absolutely the kind of game I'm not only willing to but eager to replay. That said, Normal difficulty I found to be quite easy. the only times I died were on purpose (to get back to a checkpoint) or falling off a ledge, including the end-game super-challenges. I recommend playing on hard mode, not normal. Also, there's this sweet "RPG" Feature that makes damage indicators pop up a-la Borderlands (Showing how many HP damage you do with every shot) that made me squeal like a schoolgirl, so that was nice.

Seriously, ignore my comments about being 'disappointed in the hype'. The game was exactly what it promised, exactly what I expected, and exactly what it needed to be. While it may be a little short for some, it's a rare example of a game that was never not fun throughout its 8-10 hour runtime. I would recommend this game to everyone who plays videogames. IF you're hung up about the length/cost, then feel free to wait until its price is reduced, just like all PS exclusives are. whether you get it now at full price or later at a discounted rate, I can't fathom many people not loving every minute with it.


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