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Mar1217 said:

Soooo .... We are now Thursday the 10th of June and there's still no announcement of the rumored Switch Pro despite every leaker on the planet saying it would be unveilled before Nintendo's Digital E3 Direct ...

Welp, since we're past the usual time of these announcements, they have now only another day to make themselves heard before credibility is further lost.
Since I also doubt Nintendo would make an anouncement on a Friday nor would they want to make such an uproar next week before their presentation, it is clear in mind these goal posts will soon change once again.

I admit I was caught up in the excitement about it last week, but after giving it some thought the rumors didn't make much sense, for 2 reasons:

1) I'm still of the mind that the Switch "Pro" will not be significant enough of an upgrade to have games that ONLY use the Pro, because all Pro rumors say that the graphics updates would only be in docked mode, and that in portable mode it would still be no more than 720p.  So are people thinking that developers would make games that would only be playable on a Pro in docked mode?  What would happen if you took the Switch Pro out of the dock while playing one of those games?  The whole thing makes no sense.  With that in mind, there's no need to announce it before E3, as there won't be any Pro-specific games anyway.

2) If they announced it before E3, then didn't release it until Sept/Oct, that would be a pretty long lead-in time which would potentially hurt regular Switch sales because people would be waiting for the Pro.  When they announced the Lite, the lead-in was less than 2 months, and the hybrid Switch sales did go down a little in the weeks prior to the Lite launch.  With the Pro being even more anticipated than the Lite, and with the Switch currently selling at such high numbers, there's a lot of room to drop during that lead-in time.