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Makaha said:

I'll post 4 of them.  Post your picks, and also comment on my picks, if you want.

John Carter, Around the World in 80 days (2004 edition with Jackie Chan), Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem, Flowers of War (Christian Bale)

John Carter--very entertaining to me, I really don't know why this movie bombed

Around the World in 80 days--I was laughing pretty hard at the goofball moments, and it had some of Jackie Chan's best fight scenes, maybe not stunts (can't beat Police Story 1 and 2), but his fight scenes were pretty good.  It was very entertaining to me.

Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem--for what it was, it was great mindless body count fun!  I liked it better than the first movie.

Flowers of War--a couple of the poor reviews were by critics who obviously didn't know the history of the Nanking massacre.  Roger Ebert wondered why the priest couldn't be an Chinese priest instead of Christian Bale's Caucasian character, well I think that Ebert didn't know that the Japanese had contempt for all Chinese people, and so a Chinese priest couldn't have served as a shield for the young Chinese girls the way an American priest would (this was 1937, before Pearl Harbor, so the Japanese soldiers didn't have contempt for Americans yet).  I thought it was a powerful and poignant film.

So what movies do you think had unfair criticism?

I've not watched the above movies but consider these:

The hangover III and Expendables III

Check this Animation about a Police Officer     Police Checkpoint