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kazuyamishima said:
DonFerrari said:

Nowadays even RotW kinda dwarf Japan.

20 million PS4’s against 9.4 millions in Japan can conform it.

I'd say it would be better to add all consoles in a gen together and check the numbers then, as this could be very skewed otherwise.

FYI, even the PS2 sold more RotW than in Japan, as did the PS3. Playstation consoles selling well in RotW are nothing new, though the gap between Japan and RotW has been rising with the PS4 for sure.

For Xbox, it's easy, RotW wins. It's Japan sales are so abysmal it's actually hard not to beat them.

On the Nintendo side of things, in the past, Nintendo never managed to make big strides into the RotW markets. Right now, the DS is the best-selling Nintendo console in the RotW, and with 12.43M, it is far behind the bestselling consoles in that region and far behind it's sales in Japan.

But now with the Switch, they're selling there big time. Switch is only 1M behind the DS and PS3 here anymore, which should be gobbled up during this summer. From there, only the top 3 consoles are left to beat in that region, which are PSP, PS4 and finally PS2, in that order. And while the PS2 might be too much, beating the other 2 Sony consoles should be very possible

With Nintendo finally selling well in RotW, I'd say that yes, now it has surpassed Japan. But before that, I would argue that it wasn't the case yet, and it's only really the case since 2020, where Nintendo's sales in that region really took off and outsold the 3 previous years combined.