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SKMBlake said:
Illusion said:

As soon as they announce a 4K Switch with DLSS, the sales of the original Switch are going to tank (probably for the rest of the year). 

No, as soon as they announce a 4K Switch DLSS at 399$, the sales of the original Switch will remain the same.

At this point all the hardcore people have basically already bought a Switch (over 80 million sold). The vast majority of the remaining 30-50 million buyers are either repeat buyers (malfunctioning hardware so buying another one, made a silly decision to sell Switch and want to buy one again, want multiple Switch's for convenience/family) or casuals that take a long time to come around. Casuals don't care about Pro models, so they either won't wait to buy a Switch or, when the Pro comes out, they will probably just be like "cool, I guess I'll get that one" and not think about it too much.

If Nintendo announced a Pro model around the time they came out with Lite then this would be a problem. But we are now 4+ years into the life of the system. This can only help them propel Switch sales.

Last edited by Dulfite - on 02 June 2021