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Chicho said:

How is everyone feeling on this one? Still pessimistic about X|S? Here is where they at Through Week 26 by VG charz estimates:

PS5: 8,220,011
XSX|S: 4,904,300

 and here are the latest lifetimes estimates

PlayStation 5 - 223,822 (8,438,333)
Xbox Series X|S - 94,691 (5,004,091)

PS 5 is over 8M and no doubt it will do it. The X|S just crossed 5M and i think is very doable even if is not as certain as the PS5. 

What do you think?

Edit: misspelled word. 

Dont think XSX has production to even hit 14m by end of 2021.
So its probably not happending.