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SvennoJ said:
smroadkill15 said:

Halo, Gears, Forza are absolutely at the top of quality 1st party games along with anything Sony and Nintendo have. You might not enjoy those games, but the majority of gamers acknowledge Halo franchise as one of the best FPS ever made, Gears as one of the best TPS, and Forza as one of the best racing franchise ever. I would take Halo over any 1st party game on any platform, and it's the main reason I game on Xbox today. 

The majority of gamers aren't playing halo/gears/forza though...

Sadly, the majority is playing CoD and Fortnite. I enjoyed all three, but not anymore. Maybe Halo Infinite can bring the magic back, Gears was awesome but should really have been replaced by something new by now. Forza is only good as horizon nowadays.

I would love to see PGR make a comeback, Rallisport Challenge, Fable (go back to its roots), Alan Wake, Dead Rising (back to its roots), Viva Pinata, Blinx the the sweeper. But most of all, see MS make a commitment to VR and Bring HL: Alyx to Series X.

With how saturated the market is now, they aren't reach the same numbers like they were during the 360 days with Halo and Gears, except I would say FH4 is more popular than any Forza game before, but all these franchises are still in the top played every week on Xbox and still see high engagement.  

Forza is Horizon at this point, which is not a bad thing at all and good for the franchise imo. I hope Halo Infinite single player is excellent. With Halo's multiplayer being F2P I have a hard time believing it will do poorly with engagement, unless they mess it up really bad, but I don't think they will based on how they have handled MCC and Halo 5's multiplayer. 

The Coalition needs to finish up the current Gears trilogy before moving on. Gears 6 is definitely happening and I'm looking forward to it, but I hope they do something new after because they are a very talented studio that need to try some new things.